Strange Events In History  

Every single country in the world has had a history and rich culture. There have been several historic events of blood, fore and war. However, this place has been a world of mystery always. Every country has its own series of mystical event that have taken place through out the ages. The events included weird animal sightings like the Sasquatch or Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster.


The Blair Witch Project of Salem is one more such event that occurred in the world. These events have had no explanation in the logical sense and even today these remain a mystery. In such mystical events people know that there is something wrong but nobody has facts that can substantiate it.

The haunted mansions across the country are all very frightening but also very mystical. There are some more mystical places in the world like the Bermuda Triangle, for example. Any aircraft that flew on this triangular area in the Pacific Ocean disappeared without explanation. Even today, this mystery has not been solved and remains to be one of the most mystical places of the world.

India is called the land of mysteries because several mythological and mystical events have taken place on this land. There is evidence that the incidents occurred, but there is no proof of how it occurred. The lack of evidence and explanation makes the mystery even more intriguing in the world.

The mummies of Egypt were also very mystical. When it came to the Tutankhamen's mummy, all the seven scientists who tried to open the case of the mummy died across the world. There is no explanation even today as to why this happened. Several Egyptologists said that there was a curse inscribed on his mummy case that says anybody who tries to open the case would die.

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Strange Events In History




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