Ncaa Men Basketball Tournament History  

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known to the people as the NCAA, is a collegiate level basketball championship that is held in the US every spring. It is a single elimination championship. It means whichever group plays for that day and wins is declared the winning team. There are no semi final and final rounds, like it is common with the National Basketball Association, or the NBA.


The NCAA features nearly 68 colleges in the US, and they come from almost all the States. There are more teams from New York that participate in the NCAA.

This association was formed in 1939. It was started by a Kansas based coach called Phog Allen. The NCAA is held in month of March and that is why the term March Madness was coined. It was also called the Big Dance tournament. However, finally now there are the national level rounds and hence, the semi finals were introduced. The NCAA tournaments have become the nation's most famous sporting events because it comes only once in year and there are so many states participating in it.

The NCAA has its own body or committee which goes through the selection process. More teams are added based on their credibility. It is much more intense than the NBA. The NBA is a much glamorized version of basketball matches. However, the NCAA is more technical and completive. It also carries the Most Valuable Player award and it is awarded by the Associated Press as the tournament draws to an end. So far UCLA held the record for winning the maximum number of NCAA championships.

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Ncaa Men Basketball Tournament History




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