Native American History In Maine  

There are several native Indian tribes in the United States of America. They traveled all ever the United States and lived there even before the European settlers arrived. The native Indians tribes had a rich culture which was unique to them. Some of the tribes who settled in Maine spoke a unique language called the Algonquian language. These people were originally from Penobscot. However, the purest form of the Penobscot language is very difficult to identify.

The Penobscot tribes of Maine were a part of a bigger group called the Wabnaki Confederacy. Within the tribe people spoke different dialects of the bigger confederacy. Today, there are only about 3,000 Penobscot Indians in the United States of America and most of them live in the state of Maine.

The Penobscot Indians had their enemies like the Mohawks and the Iroquois. So, the tribe sided with the French, so that they could fight their enemies. The Penobscot Indians played a very important role in the American Revolution, and they fought alongside the Americans for the freedom of the country from England. Also, after the revolutionary war ended, many of the tribe people were able to get back the land that they lost during the war. And, that is why we find settlers in this region even today.

Somehow the native Indians from Maine have managed to maintain their ancestry in its order after several years. Much of the native Indian traditions have been lost because even the Indians have been Americanized to a large extent. However, they do have their museums and artifact history to connect to even today.

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Native American History In Maine




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