Japanese Dance History  

Japan has a rich cultural history that dates several centuries back. Japanese had been involved in a wide range of things like creative aspects like painting and pottery, and also dance and music.


The Japanese parasol dance is a very popular dance that was practiced by Japanese in the ancient world. A parasol means an umbrella. The Japanese wore colorful kimonos and wooden shoes and had specific music for this type of dance. Mainly women were involved in performing the dance.

Japan also had other forms of dance that had various influences from other countries. Japan also had several other mythical dances like Mikoto, for example. They even adapted to dances from China and Korea.

There are several influences on Japanese dance from other countries too. Kabuki which was a simple dance was later used for major performances. Several intricate styles were introduced into the dance by experts. In a Kabuki performance, only men dance on the stage and the women participate on an exceptional basis. You will very rarely find women on stage in a Kabuki performance.

There are several dance schools in Japan today making an attempt to revive these ancient dances and also spread the prevalence of it. However, there are several Japanese women who are learning Kabuki today, and since it is such a unique dance, a specialized Kabuki theater was formed.

Japan was land of mystical dances in the ancient world. The emperors enjoyed the best of their lives by indulging in dance, music and art.

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Japanese Dance History




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