History Of The World Cup And Its Host  

The FIFA World Cup, which is held for playing soccer, is a world event. Many countries in the world participate in this event, and all the seven continents have their presence in this event. Today, this much glamorized event is held in different places of the world.

Every year a special country is chosen to host the World Cup. The most recent FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa. This was the first time the event was held in Africa. When the first event was held, there was a controversy over the hosting country selection. While several countries had given bids to host the event, it was Uruguay who was selected without a single vote being cast. However, after Second World War, the FIFA committee decided to stop all controversies started a system where they alternate the location between America and Europe. Eventually, the FIFA arrived at a system where the host country would be chosen through a popular vote. The teams have no role in deciding which country it would be the host, but the committee members and organizers of the event vote for the country.

The host is chosen after several rounds of elections via a ballot system. Also, the decision for holding the World Cup in such a place is made 7 years in advance. The host country also has to prepare for the event because it will attract thousands of visitors and players also. Football and soccer fans travel across the globe to attend the event, and it is extremely complicated to handle such huge crowds. So far, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, and South Africa have played the role of host countries.

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History Of The World Cup And Its Host




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