History Of Sergio Osmena Sr  

Sergio Osmenay Suico was more famous as the President of the Philippines. He was the president of the country from the year 1944 to the year 1946. He was born on September 9th of 1878, and he died on October 19th, 1979. He founded the Nationalist Party.


Osmena was from a patriarchal family of Philippines called Osmena Family. Several people from the family were in politics and held senior political positions in the country.
Sergio was born in Cebu to Juana Osmena Y Suico. His mother was only fourteen years old when he was born. When he was born, the identity of his father was kept a secret because of the circumstances. He was an illegitimate child and his mother never married thereafter. However, he never allowed the fact to obstruct his standing in the society.

The Osmena family was rich and a prominent clan of Chinese Mesitzo heritage. They had several businesses in Cebu alone. Osmena worked on his own, and slowly built a huge reputation for himself without depending on his family at any time.

He was educated in the University of San Carlos and he graduated in the year 1892. He pursued further studies in Manila and there he met Manuel L Queszon for the first time. Together, they set up the Nationalist Party to foil the politicians of Manila. He then took up law and took the 2nd place in the bar exam. He also served in the war staff as a journalist. In the year 1904, he was the governor of Cebu and held the position for 2 consecutive terms. While being a governor, he ran for the presidential elections.

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History Of Sergio Osmena Sr




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