History Of Red Beans And Rice  

Red beans and rice is one of the favorite Mexican foods that people have, and it is also loved by children. It is actually a very homely food and also is quite filling. It is a common southern cuisine food and the beans are baked.


Regional cuisine has come a long way in the US. The southern side produced so many varieties of fruits and vegetables and grains and pulses. They also hunted a variety of animals. Because of the favorable weather, everything was possible there. The southern cuisine is a mixture of Native American, Spanish, English, French and African American cuisines. All these people from various backgrounds have contributed to a unique cuisine totally called the southern cuisine. Also, most of the food here was home cooked.

Some of the early European settlers had a tough time with food until they realized what the native Indians were eating. Europeans found nothing that was available in Europe and also they did not know the diverse vegetables and fruits that were being grown here. They saw the native Indians cook is special meal with various vegetables and red beans in it. They also cooked rice to eat along with the beans. Corn was also another popular form of food to have. However, the Europeans further enhanced the beans by baking them and not only cooking them. Also, the Europeans added their own distinct flavor to the baked beans version.

Today, what we know commonly as baked beans and rice is a common version of mixed cuisines that originated in the South.

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History Of Red Beans And Rice




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