History Of Paper Production  

Paper is one of the most used things in the world. Even in this computer age we still use paper by and large because the world paper productions statistics have not gone down. The first paper was found in Egypt and it was called Papyrus. Paper could have been discovered in a period of 3700 BC to 3200 BC.


The papyrus scroll was a medium that was used by the Egyptians to make notes or write their accounts. Before that they were writing o clay tablets. The ancient Greek civilization also had use for paper, and they called it Cyprus Papyrus. Western books that were printed in the Middle Ages were, in fact, made out of parchment paper, and this was extracted from animal hides.

The paper that we know of today was actually invented by the Chinese in the year 105 AD during the Han Dynasty. The usage of paper slowly spread to other regions like Baghdad and Samarkand. Paper making as an industry began in Europe and France. Italy and Germany also started producing paper by the fourteenth century.

The word paper is actually a German term which, in turn, was coined based on papyrus, the Egyptian term for paper. When people started realizing that they can use trees like bamboo to make paper, then the paper industry production and also bamboo production increased by leaps and bounds. It was the Chinese who realized that bamboo could be turned into paper through an industrial process. Today, there are different kinds of paper that is available and they are also made from different materials.

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History Of Paper Production




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