History Of Karok Indians  

The Karok Indians were a very different kind of native Indian tribe. Karok means upstream and the Karok Indians were people from the upper lands. They had no names for themselves and men. They lived along the Klamath River and along the Indian Creek which extended into California. The Karok also spoke a very different language from the neighboring tribes like the York, for example. They traveled along the Siskiyou mountains during the American revolutionary war, and made their own paths.

However, the day-to-day lifestyle of the Karok Indians very much resembled the York and the Hupa of that time. They are a bit different from these tribes in ways were the Yurok tribes built their own canoes. However, the Karok tribes bought these canoes from the Yurok and did not make them themselves. These canoes were made out of red wood trees.

The Karok Indians celebrated a series of festivals called the making of the world. They had no subdivisions within themselves like the other tribes had. They had no villages and had one huge territory. They lived on salmon fishing mostly and always dwelled along the river sides only.

The tribe of Indians was divided into two groups. One was further upstream and was very similar to the Karakuka dialect. The Karok Indians did mingle with the neighborhood tribes and had no visible enemies. However, they got along with Yurok tribes whenever it was required. The tribe also participated in the neighborhood festivals like the Panamenik and so on.

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History Of Karok Indians




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