History of Cantaloupe  

       Cantaloupes are popularly known as muskmelon or rock melon. It is fleshy fruit with sugary taste and a dry skin with a coarse texture. Cantaloupes have been found since Roman era as early as 2400 BC. Research reveals that around 2000 BC, these fruits were extensively cultivated around the Nile valley region.

       Some historians believe that cantaloupes were initially cultivated in Greece and Egypt. Few Egyptian paintings depict this melon in their works; however, the netted variety is not distinctly visible. Others state that it was initially popular in Armenia, India and Persia.

       Americans called this fruit as musk melon due to its soothing smell. Production at a commercial level started in the US only during the middle years of the 1800s.

       The size of the fruit can vary depending on the climatic conditions under which it is cultivated. They are available year-round in the US supermarkets today and are primarily grown in California, Arizona and Texas. The fruits mature in vine as they do not become ripe after plucking. Mature melons have a pleasant aroma with yellow colored skin that is netted well.

       Cantaloupes can be stored for a long time in a refrigerator. They are very nutritious. They fight fatal diseases like cancer. Just half of musk melon a day can provide your body the required vitamin C as well A. In addition, cantaloupes are a great source of potassium, folic acid and other important minerals required for the body. This fibrous food does not contain cholesterol or fat but is a great source for gaining instant calories!

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History of Cantaloupe




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