Valentine Statistics  

If you are wondering how people blow up money on Valentines Day, read on. The concept of spending quality time has been replaced with buying expensive gifts to impress dear ones. With people becoming more materialistic than realistic these days, buying fancy expensive gifts seems to be the latest norm.

This Day came has a Roman origin. Claudius II, a Roman Emperor is believed to have forbidden his young army men from getting married. This order was passed to make young men more focused with the job at hand. St. Valentine disagreed to this ritual and encouraged young people to marry against the Emperor. Valentine was therefore executed for disobeying the Emperor’s orders on 14 February and hence, the name Valentines Day.

Listed below are some interesting statistics:

Nearly 190 million greeting cards are sold on this occasion, making it hold the second position, the first being Christmas. Men account for the largest sales of flowers, roses and buds. Nearly 73 percent of men buy flowers/bouquets on this day.

An interesting custom was followed in the Middle Ages. People would wear the name of the person they liked on their sleeves for a week to proclaim their feeling and this allowed everyone else to know the other person’s feelings!

A survey in 2009 showed that nearly 92 percent of husbands would spend $67 on their wives. The rest of the money would go in buying presents for their kids, coworkers and also pets. The National Confectionaries Association reported that in 2009 alone, nearly eighty billion heart shaped candies were manufactured!

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Valentine Statistics




Best-Valentine-Gifts-To-Be-Delivered-To-Men      If you are wondering how to surprise your loved one this time around, read on. Do something out of the box. Surprise him with gifts and memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. For example, instead of buying gifts year after year, bake some amazing dark chocolates. Prepare these at home instead of buying readymade ones from shops. It is a great way to impress your loved one. More..




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