History Of Valentine Day  

It is not very clear when the tradition of celebrating Valentines Day started. There are numerous stories associated with the day making it hard to pin point one particular theory. According to an ancient Roman story, it was believed that the then Roman Emperor, Claudius II passed an order stating that no young soldier should enter into a matrimony. He believed that young men could serve their kingdom better if they were unmarried.

The concept of getting married automatically meant that the soldiers will not be able to focus on the task and instead would get distracted by their wives and families. This however did not go down well with St. Valentine a priest, living in Rome. He saw the injustice being meted out to young Romans and encouraged them to marry in secrecy. When the Emperor heard that his orders were being disobeyed, he ordered execution of St. Valentine immediately. The execution was carried out on 14 February. Therefore the day is celebrated as Valentines Day.

According to anther story, St. Valentine was imprisoned in Rome. He ended up writing poems and letters to the jailor’s daughter and signed off as “From your Valentine”. This tradition seems to have stuck ever since.
When the Duke of Orleans, Charles, was imprisoned in the year 1415, it is believed that he wrote several poems dedicated to his wife. These letters were later published and numerous copies made available by the 16th century. What exactly led to the celebrations is still a mystery and not clearly established.

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History Of Valentine Day




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