Why Is It Bad To Wear White After Labor Day ?  

There is a peculiar rule that one should not wear white clothes after Labor Day. That is the day after Labor Day one should not wear white clothes to work. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of every September. However, there are no clear explanations about why one should not wear white clothing soon after Labor Day. Until the 1950 and 1960 this rule was heavily followed by the people. Slowly it started wearing off after that. Today, when people wear white they are no longer criticized even though only subtly reminded.

The original rule was that people were not allowed to wear white dress shoes or pumps after Labor Day because it was unsuitable weather wise and also it marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. However, it was soon extended to white clothing also. Winter whites were not that much appreciated by the local crowd also. One of the rules not to wear white clothing on the first day of winter is because it reminded them of the bygone summer. Also, soon after Labor Day it was to ensure that people do not turn up with soiled clothes and cold shoes. Labor Day was also celebrated to remind the noveau-riche about the hard work of laborers. So, in recognition to the fact it was advised that everyone should wear normal colored clothing. However, plain white clothes some how sent a message of being up handed. The laborers could have found the whole idea offending.

But today this is only considered as an idiosyncrasy more than anything else. People do not find any sense in wearing white or not wearing white as there are no sound facts supporting the argument. However, many people by default consider their color of clothing in moderation. Also, America has a workforce of people from different origins and people who do not know the history of Labor Day. So in general in the current day United States such hard and fast rules are avoided.

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Why Is It Bad To Wear White After Labor Day




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