What Day Is Hanukkah Celebrated ?  

Hanukkah or “Festival of Lights” is celebrated on the 25th of Kislev calendar. It is celebrated for eight consecutive days. The nights are marked by lighting candles right after nightfall. A special candleholder that can hold nine candles is used for this purpose. Also called chanukkiah, it has a special holder in the middle for placing the Shamash, the candle used for lighting other candles.

These unique Hanukkah candles should not be used for anything else. They should not be used to light other candles. They should not be used as a source of light for reading, writing, etc. They are only meant to be lit for half an hour everyday from the 25th of Kislev.

Hanukkah is celebrated exactly 4 days prior to the new moon being sighted. The placement of different candles and the order in which they are lighted also plays a crucial role in this festival. On the 1st night, one candle is lit, two on the 2nd night until all 8 are lit on eight consecutive nights. People place the candles from right but light them from the left. Special blessings are recited each night while lighting each candle. The Jews also prepare special delicacies cooked in olive oil. Fried foods are commonly consumed. Potato pancake is generally fried in olive oil and served with applesauce or sour cream. Sufganiot or a jelly donut is also eaten on this day. The tradition of gifting each other with small presents is a recent addition to this festival. People generally present their children with small gifts, a tradition followed by the Christians.

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What Day Is Hanukkah Celebrated ?




What-Foods-Are-Eaten-At-Hanukkah      Hanukkah or the “Festival of lights” is celebrated at the end of November until December. The Jews light up candles and offer special blessings for eight consecutive nights. Like any other festival, Hanukkah is associated with preparing special dishes and exchanging gifts with near and dear ones. More..




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