How To Light The Hanukkah Candles ?  

Hanukkah or the “Festival of Lights” is a traditional Jewish festival to commemorate the re dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. The tradition of lighting candles for eight consecutive days marks the beginning of this festival. You can buy a Menorah or make one at home. If you are making one at home, make sure that there are eight candleholders and one extra candleholder for placing the “Shamash”, the candle used for lighting the Hanukkah candles.

You can place the Menorah outdoors or indoors depending on your convenience. Left side of the doorway would be ideal. If not, then place the Menorah in the window or inside your house on a table. The best time to light the Menorah is at nightfall for 30 minutes. All the family members have to be present while lighting the candles. Placing of each candle is also important. The first one has to be placed at Menorah’s far right (you should be facing the Menorah). The following prayers need to be mentioned in the following order:

On the 1st night the following prayer is chanted:
Borukh Ato Adoynoy Eloyheynu Melekh Ho-oylom Asher Kiddeshonu Be-mitsvoysov Ve-tsivonu Lehadlik Neyr Shel khanuko

While lighting the Shamash, the following is chanted:
Borukh Ato Adoynoy Eloyheynu Melekh Ho-oylom She-oso Nissim La-avoseynu Ba-yyomim Ho-heym Ba-zzman Ha-zze.

Lighting the remaining candles with the Shamash the following is said:
Borukh Ato Adoynoy Eloyheynu Melekh Ho-oylom She-hekheyonu Ve-kiymonu Ve-higgi'onu La-zzman Ha-zze.

On the 2nd night, you should place 2 candles on Menorah’s far right. Repeat the first 2 prayers and then light the candles with the Shamash. Start from left side and move over to your right side. After the candles are lit, sing Maoz Tzur.

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How To Light The Hanukkah Candles ?




What-Day-Is-Hanukkah-Celebrated      Hanukkah or “Festival of Lights” is celebrated on the 25th of Kislev calendar. It is celebrated for eight consecutive days. The nights are marked by lighting candles right after nightfall. A special candleholder that can hold nine candles is used for this purpose. Also called chanukkiah, it has a special holder in the middle for placing the Shamash, the candle used for lighting other candles. More..




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