Why Do We Celebrate Christmas ?  

Christmas is celebrated the world over to mark the birth of Jesus. Numerous western churches believe that Jesus Christ's birth took place on December 25. In order to commemorate his birth, Christmas was chosen as a festival to be celebrated on that particular day every year. People celebrate the birth of the Messiah and offer prayers on this special day. Numerous churches hold carols, plays and other ceremonies to mark this moment.

However, not all countries celebrate Christmas on 25 December. A few countries believe that Jesus Christ's birth took place on January 6, and, therefore, December 25 is not a universal holiday everywhere. The concept of December is predominantly a western belief. These days, the importance for Christmas is slowly but surely shifting towards the materialistic gains people get to enjoy on this day. The power of receiving and sharing gifts often overrules the real essence of the festival.

The enthusiasm and excitement involved in tearing open gift wrappers has almost become synonymous with Christmas, often overriding the real essence behind the festival. It is not very clear when the tradition for gifting really started but it seems to be the first thing that comes on people’s minds these days. Exchanging greeting cards is also inseparable with Christmas. Decorating the huge Christmas tree with beautifully colored lights and stars is a favorite pass time.

It is a perfect time to spend some quality time with family and friends. With the smell of cakes and cookies filling the air, the joy of sharing your experiences and feelings with loved ones makes this a perfect family holiday.

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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas ?




Candies-To-Make-For-Christmas      The Christmas season is here! It is time to enjoy with loved ones and feast on some mouth-watering delicacies. If you want to make this Christmas memorable, try your hand at baking some cookies. It would be a great way to spend time together and enjoy some homemade delicacies. It will cost you lesser too. So let us get started. More..




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Why Do We Celebrate Christmas ? )
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