When Do Christmas Sales Start ?  

You would be pleasantly surprised to know that Christmas sales begin one month in advance, a day after Thanksgiving Day to be precise. That is right! The 4th Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day. The day that follows Thanksgiving is officially the day for Christmas sales to begin.

Because of the sudden increase in shoppers, numerous vehicles hit the road on Friday causing tremendous damage to the environment and its surroundings. In fact, in some countries it is even called “Black Friday”.

Nevertheless, the festive season and zeal to shop as quickly as possible does not deter many people from venturing outdoors. You get the best prices, best gifts and the best shopping items soon after Thanksgiving Day. This is when all the retailers and shop owners throw their doors open to the public. You can literally shop until you drop and get various items at cheap rates. Keeping this in mind, certain shops open even at midnight.

In some cases, shoppers start the sales even before Halloween! The idea here is to catch the best customers as early as possible. In the early 21st century, Cyber Mondays became the latest fad where Christmas sales would start on the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day. This was not a big success though.

Nevertheless, did you know that there are Christmas sales right after Christmas? Boxing Day on 26 December is one last chance for shoppers and retailers to cash in on the festive season. You can buy various items for cheap prices one last time before the festivities end.

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When Do Christmas Sales Start ?




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