What To Serve For Christmas Dinner ?  

Serving meals and deserts this Christmas for family or friends can make you a little jittery. Irrespective of how experienced you are, when it comes to cooking for a large group, nervousness will easily take control. Make a list in advance and have a good idea about how many people would be attending the dinner. Prepare the quantity accordingly. Make a list of recipes you would like to prepare. Read on to get a better picture.

Start with an appetizer. For large gatherings, you can simply cook a quick sushi or chicken wings. Meatballs, chicken ribs, etc. can also be added to the list. Try out a combination of different appetizers that complement each other. You can also add a few sweet appetizers for those who have a sweet tooth.

Go in for traditional choices like baked turkey or lambs for the main course. Go through the internet and search for tips that specifically deal with succulent juicy turkeys or lambs. The key here is to bake a golden brown turkey that is perfectly cooked on the inside and not too parched and dry on the outside. Maintain the temperature and check periodically for its doneness to get a perfectly baked meat that looks and tastes yummy. If you are living in an area that gets a fresh supply of seafood every day, you can use different seafood and prepare the main course. Salmon, cod, etc. with a dash of vegetables will make a complete meal.

Serve delicious homemade sweets for deserts. Play games or conduct interactive activities in between to keep your guests entertained thoroughly throughout the evening.

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What To Serve For Christmas Dinner ?




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