Top 10 Christmas Presents  

With Christmas being right around the corner, what to gift whom would be your next big question. If you are wondering how to make this festive season memorable, read on.

Listed below are the top ten Christmas presents you can give your near and dear ones:

  1. If you have been bogged down with work and have not had enough time to spend with your family, arrange for a holiday trip to some far off country or unknown land.
  2. If you are wondering how to surprise your kids, arrange for a limousine. Ask the service to take your kids and their friends to their favorite movies and stop over at their favorite restaurant.
  3. Buy some cool gadgets for your friend like cameras, iPods, Wii, etc.
  4. Try your hand at preparing some creative stuff to impress your family and friends. Use beads to make a necklace, bracelet, locket or an earring.
  5. Make a showpiece. Use wooden frame, paint them according to the person’s favorite color.
  6. For boys, you can paint their favorite football team or their basketball’s team jersey color on the sides of the wooden frame an insert a memorable photo.
  7. Make cookies or cakes at home. Mold them in different shapes. Arrange them uniquely and pack them in attractive gift wrappers.
  8. Make your own personalized scrapbook. Paste beautiful pictures. Write stuff that you always wanted to share with the person. Use different colored papers for different pages. Include some memorable events. This will easily be one of the most affectionate ways to thank your family and friends.
  9. Make a mini movie. Film what each person has to say about the other, your experiences of sticking together as friends and any personal information you would like to share. Store the movie in a DVD and gift it your friend. He/she would be pleasantly shocked and surprised to see what each person had to say about him/her.
  10. Gift a cool looking cell phone stand, a DIY sports kit or a nice looking accessory for your friend’s vehicle or gadget that would complement his/her style.

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Top 10 Christmas Presents




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