Ideas For Church Christmas Play  

There are numerous ideas to make Christmas plays look interesting and unique each year. Generally, when the same set of stories and dialogues are played repeatedly in churches, the play becomes a little too predictable and boring. To make it interesting, you can always bring in a little bit of modifications and creativity into the scene.

For example, create a scene where two different families are celebrating Christmas, a poor family and the other one well off financially. Draw attention to the plight of the poorer sections of the society and the ills associated with poverty. These plays can send a strong social message to the community and at the same time highlight the importance of this particular festival in the minds of the young and old alike. Dramatize and include visuals, pay attention to the costumes and set the stage accordingly. This could be one of the most effective methods to eradicate poverty. Ingraining the value of love, brotherhood, goodwill and empathy will have a strong impact on young minds and make them responsible citizens in the future.

You can also use a particular carol to enact the entire play. Ask a group of kids to sing different carols and the other set of kids to enact accordingly. This way, the kids need not learn any dialogues. They can simply go with the flow, enact different events according to the music and carol. These plays do not take up much time and are more interactive because addition of songs and music will automatically bring in a lot of life into the play. These are just a couple of interesting ideas for Christmas plays in churches. Bring in numerous innovations to hold the audiences’ attention and get your point across at the same time.

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Ideas For Church Christmas Play




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