How To Make Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts ?  

Have you just forgotten to include a friend or a family member in the list of gift recipients this year? If you have just realized about missing some important person and do not have a gift for him/her do not panic. You can always make your very own Christmas gift and stun the person with your creativity.

For girls, try making a beaded necklace or bracelet. Collect beads of different colors. If you do not have beads at home, you can always buy them from a nearby store. You can use a couple of colors and alternate between each or use multiple colors. You can always use the standard gold and silver beads to add an elegant touch to the gift. Use a thin string, preferably of white color. You can place each bead one after the other in a particular sequence. You can also use five different colored beads and tie them together in the form of a flower or a star. Make a loop on top and pass the white strand through the loop. This will make the flower look like its hanging down from the main strand. Alternate between flowers and single beads. You can convert this into a necklace or a bracelet. Your gift is ready.

For boys, you can make a wooden photo frame. Paint it according to his favorite team color or flag. Place small balls or boots on the sides of the frame. Your very own photo frame is ready. You can also make candies, scented candles and cookies provided you knew the dos and don’ts involved.

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How To Make Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts ?




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