Christmas Lights History  

Seeing beautifully colored bulbs hanging from Christmas trees is a common sight these days. However, did you ever wonder how people used to light up trees before electricity and bulbs were invented? During ancient days, people used candles to light up their trees! Yes, you read it right.

They would light numerous candles and place them on trees with the help of candle wax or pins. Of course, the chances of the trees or the surroundings catching fire were extremely high. The richer sections of the society used to employ servants who would sit all day long and make sure nothing catches fire. Their job was to extinguish the candles or the fire in case of an accident.

Thomas Edison used the power of electricity in the year 1882 in order to hand wire different colored lights. He fixed red, blue and white colored lights on a Christmas tree and used electricity to power them. This was the first recorded usage of electricity on Christmas trees! In 1895, President Grover Cleveland used electronically lit Christmas tree in White House for the first time, thereby advertising the idea of using electricity.

In the end of the 19th century, the General Electric Company started manufacturing hand made bulbs. People had to hire an electrician to fix the bulbs on the trees and connect wires around. In the beginning of the 20th century, the idea to light up trees with bulbs caught the imagination of several department stores. The customers were bowled over by the beauty and wanted to do the same at their homes. Thus, the usage of bulbs on large scale began. Soon after, numerous innovations and designs were created to make the process of fixing these colored bulbs on trees easier. These days, you also have LED bulbs that make use of lesser electricity.

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Christmas Lights History




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