Christmas Facts  

We all know that 25 December is celebrated as Christmas the world over. However, not many of us know the history and events leading to this festival. Read on to discover some interesting facts about this special day.

  • The second Bishop of Rome, Telesphorus, announced that public church services ought to be held everywhere to celebrate “the Nativity of our Lord and Savior”. In 320 AD, religious leaders like Pope Julius I decided to officially celebrate Christmas on 25 December.
  • If you are wondering why the letter X is associated with Christmas, it is because the Greek alphabet X translates a chi and is the first letter of Christ’s name in Greek, therefore the letter X with Christmas.
  • Boxing Day on 26 December was initially celebrated as St. Stephen’s Day. Because money was collected in boxes and distributed to the poor and needy, it became Boxing Day.
  • Did you know that the British Parliaments had completely abolished Christmas celebrations in 1643?
  • Oliver Cromwell prohibited carols and celebrations on Christmas between the years 1649 and 1660. He believed that this was an occasion for solemnity and there was no space for celebrations.
  • Austrian priest Joseph Mohr composed the famous carol “Holy night” in 1818.
  • The Puritans in America placed extra importance to Thanksgiving Day and in fact wanted this day to be celebrated with more grandeur and fervor than Christmas!
  • In USA, Alabama holds the distinctive position for declaring Christmas as a national holiday in the year 1836. Other states in America followed soon after.

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Christmas Facts




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