Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month ?  

Black History Month is celebrated in the month of February all over America. Carter G. Woodson, a historian and professor established the Negro History Week in 1926 to commemorate the efforts and hard work of African Americans to the American society. In 1976, the revelry was extended for the entire month and celebrated all over America.

He chose February to commemorate the birth of two great African American men in American history namely, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. Numerous reforms were also observed in the month of February. For example, the US Senate passed the 15th Amendment giving blacks equal rights to vote in the presidential elections.

Woodson was dismayed to read that very few history books had mentioned the work of famous African American. He worked tirelessly and wrote several books and journals to highlight the work of numerous African Americans. He wanted the world to change its perception about the blacks and recognize their contribution to the American society and culture. The month of February was reserved for celebrating and recognizing the contributions and determined efforts of numerous African Americans who helped carve American society, values, culture and tradition. He wanted the blacks to enjoy the same status and adulation as their white counterparts.

Although this month was mainly established to celebrate and honor the work of African Americans, it signifies unity and recognition cutting across racial and geographical barriers. It therefore holds a very special position and importance in today’s world where the importance to highlight the work and effort of every single citizen of the nation irrespective of his regional or national identity is honored and celebrated.

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Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month ?




Why-Was-February-Chosen-For-Black-History-Month      A famous historian, Carter Godwin Woodson is the Founder of the Negro History Week. It was established to celebrate and recognize the immense contributions of the African Americans to the society and culture of America. He chose February 1926 for celebrating the same. More..




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Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month ? )
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