Which Holiday Is Observed On The Second Monday In October  

Columbus Day observed on the second Monday of October commemorates the “discovery” of the New World by Christopher Columbus. Born at Genoa, Italy in 1491 to wool merchant and a weaver, Columbus went on sea voyages at a very raw age of 14. In 1470, he encountered a shipwreck disaster off the Portugal coast. He made his way to the shore, and decided to stay in the country.

He made numerous voyages to Iceland and Guinea between the years 1477 and 1482. He wanted to venture to the East Indies in 1484 but the King of Portugal did not entertain his idea. He later on moved over to Spain and presented his sea voyage adventure to the King and Queen of Spain. The Royals were highly interested and gave the green signal for Columbus to take his voyage forward. They even funded for his ships. Nearly 90 men accompanied Columbus. He set to sail on August 2, 1492 and accidentally “discovered” America.

To commemorate the “discovery” a ceremony was organized by the Colombian Order in New York in 1792. On October 12 1866, the Italians in New York decided to celebrate America's discovery. The Italians living in San Francisco held a similar celebration 3 years later. 1892 marked the four hundredth anniversary of Columbus voyage to America. President Benjamin Harrison made a proclamation of the same.

In the year 1905, Colorado became the first state in America to observe Columbus Day. In 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt observed 12 October as Columbus Day. In 1971, the Congress made Columbus Day a federal public holiday and stated that it would be celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October every year.

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Which Holiday Is Observed On The Second Monday In October




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