When Did Memorial Day Become A National Holiday ?  

Memorial Day is celebrated each year in America to honor the courageous efforts of soldiers who laid their lives down to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the country. In 1858, John A. Logan, the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand army declared that May 5 should be observed as Decoration Day every year. On May 30 of the same year, the first celebration of Decoration Day was observed.

It was called Decoration Day because the family members of the deceased used to decorate the graves of the soldiers with wreaths and flowers on this solemn occasion.

However, in the year 1882, people started calling this day Memorial Day instead of Decoration Day. It was initially celebrated to honor the Union soldiers who were killed in American Civil war. Later on, soldiers who died in the First World War were given the same status. Their contributions and brave efforts were celebrated as Decoration Day. In 1967 after the Second World War, the US federal law officially called this day as “Memorial Day”.

The next year, on June 28, the US Congress passed the Uniform Holiday’s Bill. The date for celebrations was postponed to May 30 from May 5. In the year 1971, this bill was passed and executed as a federal law. It became a national holiday ever since.

Today it is observed to honor and celebrate the valiant efforts of American soldiers who were killed in any battles or wars. It is held on the last Monday of the month of May. People visit cemeteries and hold special prayers to commemorate the efforts of American soldiers.

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When Did Memorial Day Become A National Holiday ?




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When Did Memorial Day Become A National Holiday ? )
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