What Us President Made Thanksgiving A National Holiday ?  

Thanksgiving Day had to pass numerous laws, bills and procedures before getting a national holiday status in America. It all started with Abraham Lincoln who acknowledged a Thanksgiving Proclamation. He gave a speech on 3 October 1863 and proclaimed that all Americans should celebrate the last Thursday in the month of November as a day of giving thanks, or thanksgiving.

He said the citizens of the nation should offer their prayers and gratitude to Lord Almighty for having bestowed them with innumerable blessings. People were supposed to sincerely pray and ask their Lord to restore the country’s well being and shower His mercy on the widows, orphans and the wounded citizens. People were asked to pray and ask Lord to place peace and tranquility on America and its citizens.

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made the 3rd Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day instead of the last Thursday. He ordered for this change in order to facilitate traders and retailers, helping them boost their Christmas sales during the season. However, this change was not accepted by a large section of the society and turned out to be a failure instead.

After numerous controversies surrounding the change of date, President Roosevelt reverted the holiday to the last Thursday in the month of November. On 26 December 1941, a joint resolution passed by the Congress sated that Thanksgiving Day would be officially celebrated each year on the last Thursday of the month of November. It was also declared as a Federal holiday. In 1960, the bill was passed into a law and singed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It has been celebrated as a national holiday ever since.

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What Us President Made Thanksgiving A National Holiday ?




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