What Current Holiday Was Originally Called Constitution Day ?  

Constitution Day was initially called Citizenship Day until 2004. This day is celebrated all over United States of America to venerate the ratification of the Constitution in the country. Observed each year on 17 September, it is celebrated to honor the citizens of the nation and commemorate the successful approval of the constitution.

Way back, in the year 1939, William Randolph Hearst came up with an idea to celebrate the spirit of American citizenship. He advertised the same in his chain of newspapers. A year later, the Congress nominated the 3rd Sunday in May to be celebrated, as I am an American Day. Two years later, the date and day was changed to September 1.

Louisville (Ohio) takes the credit for coming up with the idea of celebrating Citizenship Day and recognizing it as a national holiday. On September 17, 1952, Mayor Gerald A. Romary declared the day as Constitution Day instead of Citizenship Day. This was to celebrate the approval of the American constitution in Louisville. In April, Olga .T. Weber appealed to the Ohio General Assembly to declare 17 September as state wide Constitution Day. This was passed into a law and presented to the US Senate in 1953. The law was signed and passed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The law to make this day a national holiday was passed and approved in 2004 by Senator Robert Byrd. It has been observed as Constitution Day ever since. All education institutions that are publicly funded have to provide education to their students about the American Constitution on this day and declare a holiday.

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What Current Holiday Was Originally Called Constitution Day ?




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