Top 10 Holiday Gifts  

A gift can speak volumes and get your message across. If you are wondering what gift to present your loved one this time around, consider making a gift yourself instead of buying those readymade ones from a gift shop.

Listed below are top ten gifts to impress your friends or family member:

  1. Make a mini-movie: Use your camera to make a small movie. Ask your friends to speak about a memorable experience, how much the person means to all of you, etc. Transfer the file to your computer and burn the same in a DVD. Present this and you are sure to impress that person for a lifetime.
  2. Paint: Turn your creativity on. Paint anything: it could be his/her favorite scenery, a dream place, his/her portrait, a picture, message and abstract design. Get the picture framed and present it.
  3. Gift certificate: If you are not sure what the person likes, simply gift him/her a gift certificate. Let the person shop in his/her favorite store or eat in his/her favorite restaurant.
  4. Holiday vacation: If you are looking to do something big, why not book a ticket for your loved one to her/his dream destination. Numerous hotels offer discount packages during vacation time.
  5. Cooking skills: Impress your friend or family member with your cooking skills. Bake the person’s favorite cake or cookie. Bake chocolates and cover them in beautiful gift wrappers.
  6. Make a poster: Search for old photos in your diaries. Search through picture albums or files in your computer. Collect photos of your childhood, schools days or a small picnic that you had attended together. Scan them and make a collage. Get it printed as a poster with a special message. Old memories are cherished forever.
  7. Personalized mugs or pen stands: You can get the person’s favorite photo printed on a mug, pen stand or a shirt.
  8. Gift a pet: If your friend has been extremely eager to own a pet, simple gift a loving animal and touch the person’s heart.
  9. Renovate the room: Give a complete makeover to his/her room. Change the paint color, decorate with some hand made chimes and add a painting or two. Surprise the person.
  10. Treasure hunt: Stick clues on paper in different places at your home. It could be in the form of a puzzle or short one liners. After cracking each puzzle, place a small gift beneath. Its interactive, exciting and a lot of fun!

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts




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