Holiday Statistics  

People of all age groups look forward to vacations and holidays. It is a great way to spend some quality time with family, friends and eat some lip smacking delicacies. No work pressure or professional duties on holidays automatically allow people to sit back and relax. While certain families decide to spend time in a new country, others prefer to sit back and soak in the homely atmosphere.

It is a great season for retail shop owners too. Numerous families step out to buy gifts gadgets, home accessories, etc. The survey conducted in 2009 speaks for the boom in sales of various stores all over the country. In 2009 alone, retail sales in December touched a whopping $27.4 billion. This showed a forty-five percent increase in sales when compared to November.

Given below is the percentage increase in sales of different stores during the holiday season:

Jewelry stores: 135 percent increase
Bookstores: 98 percent
Sporting goods stores: 71 percent
Electronic items; 42 percent
Clothing stores: 36 percent

The money earned by selling electronic products by various retail stores in December 2009 stands at $30 billion dollars. Electronic items are popularly gifted to near and dear ones making them an all time favorite among shoppers. The above statistic clearly reveals that jewelry and women are inseparable. A 135 percent increase in jewelry sales in December speaks for itself.

Holiday season is also a great time to step outdoors and play different sports with family members. This probably speaks for the sharp 71 percent increase in sporting goods in the month of December alone. Clothing accessories recorded an increase of 36 percent while bookstores recorded a 98 percent increase in sales.

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Holiday Statistics





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