What Are Semiconductors Used For ?  

The application of electronic gadgets like computers and mobile phones in daily life has been increasing day by day and so the applications of semiconductors. Today, they are employed in many devices and the standard of these devices is getting better due to these semiconductors. There are compound and elemental semiconductors. Both are used for different purposes due to their particular characteristics.

Light emanating devices can be prepared by using semiconductors, like silicon. But it is found that a light emanating devices made by utilizing elemental semiconductors are never as effective as the device made with a compound semiconductor. Silicon is nevertheless the most extensively used semiconductor substance and is mainly used in transistors and diodes. You can see them on almost all the electronic gadgets and circuit boards. Besides, it is utilized in memories and various other components of the computers. It is even employed in photo sensors, radiation detectors and strain gages.

Actually, silicon is used in nearly every electronic device found in the market. In the coming fifty years, the solar cells are highly likely to become very significant and essential. Silicon is employed in making solar cells also. Semiconductors are utilized not only in electronic devices; they also work as an alloy for a variety of substances.

A compound semiconductor generally is more proficient than an elemental semiconductor. Therefore, most of the light emanating diodes are now made using the former, such as Gallium Arsenide. They not only emit better light but also provide a wide variety of colors; whereas LED is prepared using silicon usually can emit only red, green or yellow light. Therefore, LED is created using compound semiconductors and is used for very huge screens at playgrounds or shows. Even these are used in place of ordinary luminous light bulbs. Moreover they last longer up to ten thousand hours as compared to eight hundred hours of a usual bulb. With the onset of DVDs, these semiconductors have brought a revolution in the amusement industry.

On the whole, semiconductors have become a part and parcel of people’s lives because without mobiles, computers, or other communication devices our lives would be crippled.

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What Are Semiconductors Used For




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