Who Invented The Microprocessor ?  

Microprocessors are small chips that carry out all the functions of a CPU. A microprocessor normally remains a consistent element of the computer and the life of the system. It is a device that allows a computer to work. It looks like a silicon chip and consisting millions of transistors.

The three companies that manufacture microprocessors are Intel, AMD and VIA. Intel-4004, the first microprocessor with single-chip, was introduced in the year 1971 by a company known to everyone as Intel Corporation. Before the invention of these microprocessors, computers had MSI and SSI chips.

The young scientist Ted Hoff who worked at Intel certainly wanted to make life simpler. Instead of redesigning the existing ones he thought of designing a new microprocessor and convinced the Japanese company BUSICOM. The idea was to invent a micro computer than could function in itself. He took the help of other Intel engineers Frederico Faggin and S. Mazor set together to devise a totally new sophisticated and uncomplicated chip. The initial days were difficult as the Japanese company had invested a lot of money into this and could not wait any longer.

The whole idea seemed unpractical but the engineers did not give up. They returned back the money to BUSICOM and obtained the leadership and ownership of this masterpiece. In this way, Intel managed to implement a strong marketing plan and emerged as the leaders. The microprocessor was named Intel 4004. It could perform 92000 instructions every second. The microprocessor had a maximum clock speed was around 740 KHz with 46 bit instructions and consisting of 16 registers. Intel Corporation is globally renowned and has entered the twentieth century with 64 bit processors with dual core technology followed by many more. Presently, they encounter high end microprocessors, namely 64-bit Itanium-2, Xeon 5100 and 7100, and Intel Core 2.

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Who Invented The Microprocessor




Functions-Of-A-Microprocessor      Microprocessors are small chips that carry out all the roles of CPU. It is a device that allows a computer to work. It performs in same distinct way whether incorporated on laptops or servers. The first ever microprocessor was introduced by Intel in the year 1971. The processor was called Intel4004 and carried out most simple operations related to mathematics. More..




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