Intel Microprocessor History  

There have been a set of microprocessors introduced till date. Intel did come up with many other micro processing chips since the beginning. Intel 4004, the first microprocessor with a single chip was introduced in the year 1971 by a company known to everyone as Intel Corporation.

Before it was introduced, computers did have MSI or SSI chips. It was designed as vital part of MCS-4 by Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin. It could perform 92,000 instructions every second. The other microprocessors that followed were versions 4009 and 4008. It became the first ever commercial microprocessor, which controlled functions and instructions that were otherwise impossible to achieve.

Intel 4001 was the ROM chip, followed by 4002 the RAM chip. The ROM chip consisted of register, output data and timing logic. The next one, the RAM chip stored 80 bit numbers followed by an output port. Intel-4004 consisted of functions belonging to 4001, 4002 and 4003.The microprocessor had the highest clock speed of around 740 KHz with 46 bit instructions and consisting of 16 registers. The other one that followed Intel-4004 was Intel 8008. It was introduced rarely after the introduction of 4004 and comprised of clock rate at 500 KHz with a width of 8 bits followed by an average memory of 16KB.

Four years later Intel 8080 was introduced in 1974 which had a higher clock rate of 2MHz and the memory too expanded to 24KB .The main advantage was that it required just six support-chips as compared to 8008 which required twenty. The next in line was Intel 8085 in 1976 with a unique clock rate of 3 MHz .Intel entered the twentieth century with64 bit processors with dual core technology followed by many more. Presently we encounter high end microprocessors namely 64-bit Xeon 5100 & 7100, Itanium 2, and Intel Core 2. 

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Intel Microprocessor History




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