Functions Of A Microprocessor  

Microprocessors are small chips that carry out all the roles of CPU. It is a device that allows a computer to work. It performs in same distinct way whether incorporated on laptops or servers. The first ever microprocessor was introduced by Intel in the year 1971. The processor was called Intel4004 and carried out most simple operations related to mathematics.

It is the size of a chip which contains billions of various transistors. The year after 1970s saw 4 bit and 8 bit microprocessors. They have the power to calculate mathematical operations using algorithms. Due to floating point processors, the microprocessors can conduct any operation or computation accurately at the earliest.

The microprocessor does enable to transfer data from one location to another. The information that you require is shifted to the hard drive in split seconds. The microprocessors are considered as devices that make instant decisions and carry out multiple commands with the help of the decisions. The register and coder do help the microprocessor to carry out the required duties and instructions.

The two memories are responsible for any microprocessor to function properly. Firstly, the read only memory and secondly, random access memory, which together constitute the microprocessor. ROM as a program includes a finite set of instructions that is combined with a constant set of bytes. RAM includes a pre-defined set of bytes that can store a limited amount of information. The other function of microprocessor is to conduct and carry out executions in all kinds of formats be it data, video or audio. However, we have already entered the digital age whereby microprocessors sometimes do not exist. The recent developments in the field of technology, medicine, communications in the twenty first century has lead to various innovations in microprocessors. Microprocessors have improved our lifestyle due to new enabled, lighter and improved hand held machinery.

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Functions Of A Microprocessor




Intel-Microprocessor-History      There have been a set of microprocessors introduced till date. Intel did come up with many other micro processing chips since the beginning. Intel 4004, the first microprocessor with a single chip was introduced in the year 1971 by a company known to everyone as Intel Corporation. More..




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