What Is The Role Of The Cpu ?  

The CPU is often described as the brain of the computer. Without the CPU the computer is as good as a stone. The CPU controls and calculates the most difficult binary calculations and comes up with solutions to each and every algorithm. The main function of a CPU is to translate the minute binary contents. The CPU has to always take the information from the memory port.

The computer processor is the most vital part of a computer. As soon as the computer needs to calculate something it first needs to access the raw data from RAM. It is an acronym for random access memory. Once that is done it captures and stores all the necessary information and instruction in a location known as register. The register has the ability to store a certain amount of information. The next time when the user commands a particular action, the main processor just sweeps through the register, reads and decodes information answers your question and stores it back into RAM.

It sees that all the necessary calculations and computations are performed in the simplest manner. It makes sure that the whole process takes the least amount of time. The processors are normally measured in terms of MHz and GHz. There are a number of centers or cores inside the main processor which helps it to perform the required program. For example, if you have a core processor at 2GHz, it indicated that it can perform at least 2 billion instructions each and every second. At the present scenario processors come in four cores and eight core technology. The other inevitable part in a processor is the socket number. The computer processor is usually fitted into the motherboard. With the help of the socket number, the motherboard can easily gel with it. But it is important to select the correct socket number for a motherboard.

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What Is The Role Of The Cpu




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What Is The Role Of The Cpu ? )
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