Three Components Of A Cpu  

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) in a computer is the key component of any computer. It processes the data it receives from the input and executes the output of the given command. A CPU comprises of three important parts within that are known as- Control Unit (CU), the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and the registers.

The former basically controls all the CPU’s main operations, like receiving a command in the form of a signal, interpreting the command and regulates the instruction flow to the relevant places within the system as and when required for the output.

The ALU basically performs all the arithmetic calculations right from adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing that is required by the computer system while also executing logical comparisons. Some of the CPUs may see ALU being split up in two with one forming Arithmetic Unit (AU) and the other being a Logical Unit (LU). Some graphical cards are fitted with many ALUs for improved performance and faster processing of data.

An ALU most likely has direct access for the output and input of the signals to and from the processor control, the physical memory and the devices capable of output and input. This basically implies that it loads the data from input registers along with the CU instructions outside and executes the given calculations, and gives out the result to a certain output register. The gathered data is carried from the registers to the memory through a network called as the bus. The registers basically store the instructions and data in a processor. The CU directs these registers to receive, store and transfer the commands or the collected data. Besides, it also executes arithmetic and logical comparisons at an extremely high speed.

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Three Components Of A Cpu




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