Why Artificial Intelligence Is Never Enough ?  

The success of AI depends on how much we can make a machine mimic human skills and thinking. This is a multi-disciplinary domain involving other disciplines like engineering, psychology and philosophy apart from computer science.

Is there is a set limit to the possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence? Let us analyze now.

A machine is said to have AI capabilities if it can mimic the human thinking and learning process. In order to manufacture an intelligent machine, we need human intelligence. The efforts of many experts go into designing the machine. And now that scientist (humans) manufacture AI machines, these machines cannot exceed the intelligence and capability of mankind.

It is quite possible that the AI machines are competent enough to solve problems within seconds. But if we overlook the time limit, even humans have the ability to arrive at a solution to a given problem. Hence, the intelligence of a machine cannot exceed humans.

We can logically understand that machines are programmed and cannot act on their own. This also means, they would not know how to ‘react’ in case they encounter a problem for which they are not programmed. Based on this, we can conclude that a machine can be at least as intelligent as humans only when all problems of the universe can be programmed into this single entity.

In reality, there is no end to new unsolved problems arising in this world. This clearly means that even if we design the most intelligent machine, we will need to still further program it for the new set of problems that arise. Since the mastermind of this intelligent robot would ultimately be a human, there is no end to the developmental possibilities in the field of artificial intelligence!

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Why Artificial Intelligence Is Never Enough




Artificial-Intelligence-For-Speech-Recognition      Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals with the study of exploring how computers can perform certain tasks better than humans. Research in this field involves in-depth knowledge of many disciplines like psychology, philosophy and engineering other than just computer science. We all know that humans spontaneously make decisions based on their desires or thoughts and expertise of a particular domain. The success of AI lies in mimicking this process. More..




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