Robots And Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most contentious as well as exciting fields that gives rise to a new realm of possibilities. In fact, in the field of robotics, the capabilities that AI can provide are quite commendable.

It is very hard to define what exactly AI is in robotics. In short, it is about creating the thought process of humans in a machine so that ‘it behaves intelligently’. The term AI was coined more than 50 years back and the progress made after this field was recognized is tremendous, but not without hassles.

The basic challenge in the field is of artificial intelligence is to understand human intelligence and this is what is quite complicated too! Similarly, the basic idea of problem solving capabilities of a robot is simple, but the execution algorithm is quite complicated. The robot needs to understand the requirements through sensors or input from the humans. Then the data that is already stored should provide an answer to this input. Then the relevant information is retrieved.

Though the process seems quite logical and straightforward, it is no so. The computer is capable of solving those problems that is already programmed to solve. It does not have any decision making capability of its own!

Modern robots are ‘trained’ to learn. This means that robots record certain actions based on some situations and attempts to successfully repeat the same when it encounters a similar challenge. But the progress in this learning is quite limited as of today.

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Robots And Artificial Intelligence




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Robots And Artificial Intelligence )
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