Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence  

Human intelligence involves many skills like problem solving, decision making, learning, understanding and reflex actions. Many artificial intelligence experts have dreamt of creating machines that can mimic human intelligence. This has given rise to lot of possibilities; however, the field of AI needs to be understood from both sides of the coin.

Pros of AI:
Artificial intelligence has made it possible to design applications that can explore those parts of the world which human beings cannot visit. For example, in the domain of space exploration, AI machines explore those parts of universe that are completely hostile to human beings.

Intelligent robots are programmed for mining of digging out fuels. These machines can also measure the depth of oceans! Some of these sophisticated machines have replaced human beings in many areas which require labor, time and money. Many a time, these tasks are harmful to human beings and hence, programmed robots save people’s health in a big way.

Cons of AI:
Establishing ethics, moral values and standards becomes difficult when humans are dominated by machines. Any amount of automation cannot recreate intelligence as it is a gift for mankind. No machine can show dedication or emotions while working and we, as human beings cannot live in a world that is only surrounded by machines! For example, in hospital industry, robots cannot replace the care and concern shown by the staff. Programmed machines lack creativity. Hence, beyond a point, lateral thinking capabilities may probably get retarded if daily tasks are just done by switching off and switching on machines.

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Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence




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