Future Of Nanotechnology Artificial Intelligence  

AI or artificial intelligence scientists and programmers strongly believe that an engineered system that mimics the biological brain can be developed which is as creative and intelligent as human beings. In order to achieve this, they started exploring how a creative mind works and what motivates thinking, learning and decision making.

There are various approaches to this study and one of the emerging technologies in this field is nanotechnology, also known as molecular engineering. Nanotechnology talks about controlling matter at its most basic level or structure -- molecules or its individual atoms. Many components are already being built to mimic biological systems. This technology believes that human brain gains intelligence due to its complicated internal wiring that helps the individual perform certain tasks. Similarly, experts in this field believe that an engineered system can be developed that mimics the biological brain in order to achieve the same level of intelligence. However, engineering a creative brain seems to be a major question that is still answered.

A lot of funds has been already poured into this research and experts believe that if some concrete results are not churned out in the near future, gaining funding and support in this research can become a major problem like many other emerging fields where the research seems to be quite undirected in its initial stages.

However, nanotechnology seems to be quite promising as long as we do not use it to develop nano war robots that may become a threat to humanity. One of the primary possibilities of nanotechnology is its use in the field of medicine, for accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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Future Of Nanotechnology Artificial Intelligence




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