Artificial Intelligence In War  

The field of robotics and artificial intelligence has created wonders in the technological world. Some of the tasks that are considered impossible by human beings were made possible by these ‘intelligent machines’. A classic example is in the field of space exploration where robots were used to gather information from those parts of the universe that are hostile to human beings. However, such technological advancements also have an equal flip side.

The field of robotics and sophisticated AI programming are now being used to develop robots that can be a major threat to humanity. For instance, one of the robots that is used for the nation’s border protection is controlled by remotes. These advanced robots are designed to trigger alarms based on certain programmed circumstances when intervention of the military officials may be necessary. For instance, the robot takes an audio input and gives feedback as to whether it is a human or an animal at the borderline. However, these robots work independently for long time periods and may fail in case none of the programmed instances work and let the enemy crosses the border. In addition, lethal robots have been developed in some countries where one soldier can trigger multiple aerial as well as ground attacks!

Experts feel that though robots may be highly useful to automate certain tasks, it is high time than we reexamine and set a cut-off limit on when and when not to use technology. The main purpose of a robot is to make human life easier, not threatening. Hence, any robot should not be programmed in order to do any harm to human beings!

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Artificial Intelligence In War




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