Artificial Intelligence In Civil Engineering  

The pace of the world has changed in a big way due to the rapid growth and advancement of technology. Many of these advancements are a boon to mankind and we cannot imagine our world without them.

The field of civil engineering involves primarily construction of different structures right from homes to roads to bridges to any other infrastructure. The planning and designing of these structures depends on a variety of factors like environmental conditions, material used as well as purpose of the structure.

The advancement in the discipline of civil engineering has given rise to new fields such as structural engineering, artificial intelligence, finite element analysis and neural networks. Many a time, to gain expertise in these emerging domains, engineers need to have in-depth knowledge of several other subjects like game theory, fuzzy logic, utility theory, mathematical programming and statistical decision theory. The support from these subjects can be used in the approach of artificial intelligence to design sophisticated machines that can handle complicated requirements.

Technological advancements in this field have transformed architectural development. Skyscrapers, tall buildings, underwater structures, mobile homes, modular structures and earthquake-resistant buildings could come up due to the intelligent planning and execution of the engineers and the technologies that have come up in this field.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence in the discipline of civil engineering have no limits. One can expect in the advancement of AI in this field can bring in predictions that can save life and property from damage due to many natural calamities.

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Artificial Intelligence In Civil Engineering




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