Artificial Intelligence History  

Though the buzz about artificial intelligence seems to be an emerging technology, you may be surprised to find that many experts had already started thinking about trying to make machines mimic human thoughts in the past!

However, it was during the 1940s that scientists started seriously exploring the possibility of ‘manufacturing’ machines with an electronic brain. The discipline of AI was officially announced in the year 1956 and millions of dollars went into this vision. In 1958, LISP or List Processing program was developed and soon became the choice for AI programmers.

Later, since the progress was quite slow compared to the money outflow, experts realized that they had not estimated the difficulty levels of this field accurately and had to reexamine the possibilities.

During 1973, the government stopped funding for research on AI as they felt that too much money was going into undirected research. Again talks of AI emerged in the 80s but unfortunately, it was again withdrawn and from then on, the field has periodically undergone booms and busts.

However, AI fans still predict that this field has numerous possibilities that are left unexplored. In contrast, the reputation of this field among the venture capitalists and the federal bureaucrats oscillates periodically. Since they are the people who pour in their investments, their opinions cannot be completely ignored.

This does not mean that all the problems and challenges that were taken up during the 1970s were not solved. But, the target ‘intelligence’ levels of machines in the estimated time period have not been completed.

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Artificial Intelligence History




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