Artificial Intelligence Future  

AI or artificial intelligence offers high possibilities of manufacturing human-like machines that can dominate the daily life of a human being just like many electronic gadgets do these days.

Imagine a family robot welcoming you when you enter your home. It exactly knows who is ringing the bell based on the finger prints and serves you coffee or tea based on your preferences! You may enjoy the luxury of being connected to your family all the while without really being physically present!

Imagine a car which does not start if it recognizes that the driver is drunk! Imagine that a system recognizes the maximum speed limit permitted on a particular road and never allows the vehicle to accelerate beyond the upper speed limit. Look at how many lives we may save.

Imagine that a robot can be programmed to drive your car by himself and drop your child to school! You never have to keep your fingers crossed as to whether you are sending your child along with a reliable person or whether your driver may announce that he would not be able to come that busy morning and create peak-hour chaos!

Are all the above situations really possible? Can we manufacture machines that possess the right reflex in any given situation and act so thoughtfully that humans never need to worry about safety or security?

As a matter of fact, many a times, AI experts are haunted with the above question as to whether machines that are more intelligent than humans can ever be manufactured. The fact is, we do not really know! Only time and research of millions of experts that result in a constructive output can tell!

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Artificial Intelligence Future




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