Artificial Intelligence For Speech Recognition  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) deals with the study of exploring how computers can perform certain tasks better than humans. Research in this field involves in-depth knowledge of many disciplines like psychology, philosophy and engineering other than just computer science. We all know that humans spontaneously make decisions based on their desires or thoughts and expertise of a particular domain. The success of AI lies in mimicking this process.

In the case of AI speech recognition, the system tries to respond to the speaker by recognizing the voice. Similarly, there is the system of Natural language processing (NLP) that refers to AI technology communicating with the computers in natural language such as English. Based on the input, the necessary action is initiated.

An example of an automatic speech recognition system works as follows. Let us assume that you dial the phone number of a huge corporation, and you do not know the direct line of the person with whom you want to communicate. A cultured voice responds courteously saying, “Welcome to company XYZ. Please mention the extension number you wish to reach.” Instead of dialing the number, you pronounce the name of the person and the extension number. If the system successfully connects you to the concerned person, it is because of the backend AI program that ‘intelligently’ captures your requirements automatically and diverts you to the concerned extension. In such a case, there is no need for a telephone operator to divert each and every call that comes to the organization. AI programming makes computers work smarter!

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Artificial Intelligence For Speech Recognition




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