How Can I Check My Emails From Another Computer ?  

Always wondered how to access your mails from a remote computer? Here is some help that the tip of your finger deserved! To start with, if you want to access your mail from another remote computer, you need to have enabled the Windows’ feature of accessing remote desktop on the main computer, which is not enabled in the default settings.

You may choose to enable it by right-clicking on the “My Computer” on your desktop or going into Start menu provided on the left corner of your desktop and then clicking the right-clicking the “My Computer” icon to go into its “Properties”, and get into “Remote” tab and enable the option that seen as “Allow User To Connect Remotely To This Computer” and save it by hitting the “OK” icon.

Now, to check the mail you received through Outlook Express using a remote computer, the main computer should very obviously be turned on. You can link to it by going into the “Start” menu from the computer you want to go through your mails and entering the “Accessories” option that you would find inside and clicking on the option of “Remote Desktop Connection” which would open up a new window to fill in the computer name or the IP address assigned to the one you want to link to and then click the “Connect” button and if the connection is successfully built, you would need to get logged in the same way you log into the main computer and there you go. You would actually feel that you are using your own computer. Now, you can check your mails the way you always do through the application of Outlook Express like you always do.

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How Can I Check My Emails From Another Computer




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How Can I Check My Emails From Another Computer ? )
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