When Did The Renaissance Start ?  

The Renaissance era started from the 14th century and lasted through the 16th century in Italy. It was seen as an era that witnessed revival of art. The artists in the era drew their inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman sculptures and artwork. The same is also true for architects, who also flourished during this era.

In the Renaissance era, artists believed in the philosophy of humanism. This was the philosophy that was considered to be the basis for many accomplishments during ancient Greek civilization. In this era, religion and beliefs were not that important. More importance was given to an individual and his dignity.

Renaissance art saw the disappearance of symbolic figures and being replaced by individual figures. In addition, more attention was given to details and realism. Human body and features were depicted in a more realistic manner owing to the development of the linear perspective. Also, the era saw an emphasis on making art that showed righteous deeds and good. In other words, artwork showed the belief that it was man who controlled his own destiny rather than God, and that is why many of the Renaissance artwork show human evil and human good.

What started the Renaissance period is still unclear. The 14century that marked the start of the Renaissance, which occurred during the Black Death, war between England and France, and problems within the Church regarding matters related to secularism and spirtualism. These conditions were not conducive to creativity, but it still happened. One of reasons that Renaissance started in Italy could be the fact that the country was blessed with sculpture and architecture from ancient Roman Empire, copies of ancient Greek sculptures. In addition, Italy, especially Florence, was rich due to success trade with the East, and being ruled by the Medici family, who were very interested in art and keenly promoted it. From Italy, Renaissance spread to other parts of Europe, and this period of Renaissance is known as Northern Renaissance.

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When Did The Renaissance Start




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