What Is Italian Renaissance Art ?  

Renaissance is a period in the history of art where for the first time painters and artists were not looked upon as craftsmen. Rather they were seen as creators with special talents who could produce work of beauty and joy. This was the period when somber and dull colors gave way to vibrant and joyous scenes of nature and human body. In addition, artists started experimenting with different mediums to express reality.

The Renaissance era started in the 14th century and lasted through the 16th century. The artists were creating art that was realistic, and because of the different mediums used to paint, they could capture lighting and subtle tones without too much problem.

The Italian Renaissance art started in Florence and then spread to other parts of Italy and rest of Europe. The artists were depicting landscapes and religious figures, especially that of the Madonna. In addition, art became innovative in terms of perspective, composition and subject matter.

In the 16th century, Renaissance moved to Rome and Vatican because of Pope Julius II. He hired leading artists and architects of that time to paint the Vatican, churches and other places owned by the Church. This is known as the High Renaissance period with the likes of Michelangelo painting frescos in the Sistine Chapel and Raphael painting the living quarters of the Pope.

Italian Renaissance art was about using realistic linear perspective, which was viewing the subject matter from close and far, and then painting it. Therefore, the art produced during that time appeared to have depth. In addition, artists experiment with different painting mediums, oil paints and started using canvas to paint during this era. Each artist formed his own unique style of painting and portrayed the beauty of the human side of life as well as nature.

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What Is Italian Renaissance Art




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