Most Well Known Renaissance Art  

Renaissance art works marked the emergence of a cultural rebirth, new expectations and novel ideas. The creators of these art forms thought differently, invented new techniques and were passionate to make their works more realistic. The paintings were created with a new perspective and they were viewed differently. Sculpture and architecture pieces looked amazing.

The most intriguing pieces during this time were created by great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sandro Botticelli and Donatello. Realism and religion were two aspects that were given prime importance during this period. Excerpts taken from the Bible became the theme of many artistic creations. Sketches and shading techniques used during this period made the works look incredibly realistic.

The Renaissance artists brought in their unique ideas and creativity into art. Entombment was painted by Michaelangelo during the year 1510. The Holy Family created by Sanzio Raphel was painted in 1518. Another popular sculpture created during the Renaissance period was A Pieta'. This depicts the image of Virgin Mary mourning the demise of Christ.

Michelangelo’s works on Sistine Chapel and the sculpture David is popular even today. This sculpture looks alive and vibrant. The popular frescos which cover Sistine Chapel’s ceilings took 4 years for completion. This 70 feet high ceiling measures about 700 yards. The prime point of the work is the outstretched hands of God seconds before creating mankind. Some of the most popular works of Leonardo da Vinci are Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. This dedicated and accomplished artist studied a lot of subjects and refined his talents by studying anatomy.

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Most Well Known Renaissance Art




Raphael-The-Artist-Of-The-Renaissance      Raphael, the artist of the Renaissance, was born in Urbino, Italy as Raphaello Sanzio. He was tutored in painting by his father, and thereafter by Perugino. In fact, a lot of his early work demonstrates the effects of Perugino's tutelage. After that, it is said that Raphael moved to Tuscany and Umbria, where he worked under none other than Leonardo da Vinci. More..




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