Middle Ages Art Versus Renaissance Art  

Renaissance period gave rise to a new school of thought called Humanism. Unlike Middle Ages, humanist artists focused more on merit of individuals rather than the birth status. Artists belonging to the Middle Ages thought that life was a bundle of sufferings, and it was the path to heaven.

There was no quest for beauty or creativity. Beliefs and ideas were conservative and just engulfed in a cocoon. People born as peasants ended their life in the same social strata. The living conditions were quite miserable. Life was not very inspiring. Eternal salvation was one of the primary goals of this era of people and they thought suffering was the path to Heaven.

The Hundred Years War and The Black Death marked the end of the Middle Ages. Innovative ideas, novel beliefs and new perspectives emerged. There was constant quest for creativity, beauty, innovation and zeal to live. Humanists believed that every individual born in this planet had a purpose to live. Life need not be miserable. It had to be beautiful and fulfilling.

This gave rise to development in philosophy, history, literature and art. New techniques were created. Development of perspectives by making objects at a distance smaller to the eyes of the viewer gave a realistic approach. Three dimensional art works were created during this period. Shadings used in art made the works look more realistic than flat. Artists portrayed human body more accurately as they glorified it during Renaissance. Incredibly real art works were created using oil paints.

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Middle Ages Art Versus Renaissance Art




Most-Well-Known-Renaissance-Art      Renaissance art works marked the emergence of a cultural rebirth, new expectations and novel ideas. The creators of these art forms thought differently, invented new techniques and were passionate to make their works more realistic. The paintings were created with a new perspective and they were viewed differently. Sculpture and architecture pieces looked amazing. More..




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